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Try to remain optimistic ...

That's what I'm asking of myself to do right now. I run 97+ stations here at .113FM Radio and all of our stations run on the SHOUTcast monetization program and are hosted by SHOUTcast directly. We've been on this current platform since December 2013 and started with a single station and have grown considerably since then.

Yes.. it's often difficult to get an answer regarding the Ad Server being offline and not producing ads, as we too have been greatly impacted with several days of ad server outages between December 20-Jan 2.

My single biggest concern at the moment is that John Blias (our community support mgr) has left Shoutcast/Targetspot. He was great at keeping the communication (and payments) coming to us on a near monthly basis. It's uncertain at this time who may replace him, or handle our concerns going forward as nothing has been communicated with regards to that as yet. Communication between us broadcasters and the SHOUTcast team is vitally important to both our success and I firmly believe that they recognize that.

I say to remain optimistic as best one can, only because when the program works, it works. I'm confident that anxiety and stress are at a high right now as their company works to make important decisions which may effect us all. We need to remain supportive and offer our help as needed to ensure this program stays going. Broadcasters like myself who have been on this platform now for several years know, patience is greatly required to pull this off. Yes, there is room for improvement, I agree. Like any new business model, trial and error play a role in the outcome.

While I'm not part of the direct support team here at Shoutcast, I'm freely available to answer questions pertaining to our setup and delivery of premium radio content or when you simply need to ask some questions from a fellow broadcaster. You can reach me 9a-6p (Pacific) M-F.

Stephen Herold
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