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About virtual contacts in the internet and contacts in real

I don't know, if such a thread had been opened already or if I am one of the forums members who wants to discuss about that, and I have decided for the Bitchlist. Also in some other threads I had talked about that partially, and I have annouced this thread some days ago.

With my 50 years I am not very young anymore, and over the years I had to learn very much for my life. I am not yet ready with the learning. It is a neverending procedure in a life of everybody. Over the years many things had changed. New things had come which I didn't have seen yet in my younger years. The same is also for my husband Frank.

In our life we had learned to know very much people in real and we had to experience also very much different disappointments by very much people. Sometimes people had retired only or they had changed the city, and we say: Then we have to let them go. Many other people suddenly had died, younger people and older people.

I remember the different meeting-groups. Also we ourselves had once 2 own meeting-groups from 1997 to 2000 and from 1998 to 2001. At first many other people with the same interests had asked for that, and suddenly less people had come and then no one at the end before we had decided to disband the meeting-groups. Finally we had found a new and better address for the monthly meetings, after suddenly another meeting-group had got the promised meeting-room because of football very often, and then suddenly the other people began to change their "interests". Somehow they didn't have the time anymore to meet people in real.

My time at school was "The Hell On Earth", recently I have mentioned that in another thread. Outside of the school there was a meeting-group only for a short time (4 years). As an adult in 1995 I had learned to know another community in real. I myself had helped to build it up. Especially in 2004 it had many success, but in 2005 it began to fall apart, and in 2010 it was away totally. Because I have become older and less healthy, I don't have enough power anymore to build up something new.

In 2004 also we ourselves got internet. It was not always nice with the E-Mails, I have mentioned also that. I myself went to the remained monthly meetings in real yet before they had been abolished by the other founders, too. In 2007 we got a faster internet connection with DSL (again very slow in the times of today). Also I myself began to surf more and more. In 2009 I had bought my own PC and in 2010 I had connected it with one of the other remained jacks at our router.

In that time we had registered on many websites. Nearly all of them had changed their profile layouts from time to time (and then they had looked more ugly). Some of the websites suddenly were not available in our country anymore or they simply had been shut down. And over the years we also had changed our opinion about some of the websites. We don't like, that suddenly users are blocked by Facebook, sometimes forever, just because they have used pseudonyms instead of real names or because they have written one more PM, have made one more posting, have clicked "Add as friend" or "Like" one more time on the same day etc.

At least the half of the "Facebook-Friends" were not really honest or gentle, and they were very moody, arrogant or selfish etc. Trying to mediate between the fronts mostly had ended with a virtual punch into the face. Also opposite opinions were unwanted very often. And many good postings had been ruined with bad comments. There are some more problems in Facebook than only the conflicts between users, for example the identity-thefts or also the auto-posted dangerous links. If a user clicks on such a link, then the next "friends" get the same link posted by the innocent and uncareful user. At least we had known, why many unknown people had asked us for our E-Mail-Addresses in PMs. Of course they didn't have got that from us.

Already in 2013 many incidents had happened. After Summer 2014 more and more indidents had happened again and again and they had increased, in Facebook, in the internet and also in real. And they had come out of control. In December 2014 Frank and I had no other choice, we both had to deactivate our Facebook-Accounts. We are not sure, if we can return or if we want that.

On another website I got told, that I would have the chance to meet people in real. But in Berlin not very much contacts in real had remained. And the next people had died or they simply had dumped us, in all cities. In the last 2 years I had learned to know some new people. But I have decided, for the future I want to let grow things more slowly than I did that in the past.

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