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Thank You for Your feedback, hatecubed, and good to hear, that You love Berlin.

I myself never want to leave the city where I had been born and grown up. If I would be forced to leave Berlin and die in another city some day, then I would not be burried in Berlin, I know that. Since some years less and less payable apartments are available in Berlin, more and more long-time tenants are expelled because they have become unprofitable, and now the first old long-time tenants with very low incomes are forced to move away from Berlin, after again a landlord has changed and simply has terminated the lease agreement contract to get the apartment empty. But also Berlin itself has changed in the latest 50 years. People who had made their latest visit in the Eighties will not recognize the city anymore because the "Good Old Berlin" has gone. Not only the architecture has changed in many environments, also the crime and violence have increased more and more. But of course as photo-artist I cannot only stay at home.

I had learned to know the previous meeting-point in 1995 and the current meeting-point in 2006. I had learned to know also 2 other meeting-points in 2006 and 2008, but I don't like the first one anymore and I didn't like the second one. In the previous meeting-point there were monthly and weekly meetings in the past, before in 2008 the hosts had decided to discontinue with the montly meetings, maybe an idea especially by those 2 hosts with a very bad character. One of them had yelled at somebody very often if this person didn't feel well, the other one had choosen some people to use them as "doormat" for the moods and for spiteful remarks. But also in the weekly meetings the old guests began to stay away, and the new guests were not gentle anymore. After some of the new guests had used me as "way finder" and then excluded me from a park-tour in June 2012 (the old guests never would have done that with me!), a half year later I had decided to change the meeting-point.

In 2009 Frank and I began to register on the well-known music websites and social networks. In YouTube and MySpace a very unique virtual community began to grow up after the other community in real had gone already. I remember the many interactions between us in YouTube and MySpace. In Facebook I saw a chance for some more contacts also with other artists who were a little bit more well-known. I still like also the music by the GEMA-Members, not only the music by the Creative Commons Artists, always Electronic and its related genres. Unfortunately a troublemaker had added me also in Facebook although in YouTube he seemed to be a reasonable person yet. He had ruined all my good music-postings with very bad comments, all my tries to have a good look also in the eyes of the better-known artists had been destroyed with that. But especially I myself had many problems also with internet-stalkers later and not only with the other troublemakers.

We users and artists in YouTube who were far away from the "Top Charts" had a good contact each other. Unfortunately in Spring 2012 a very arrogant man had appeared on all these websites. He had collected all us artists and put pressure on us. He had sowed the seeds of discord between us artists intentionally. Of course not everybody of us wanted to "dance to his tune", and I myself refused to give him my E-Mail-Address because I didn't trust him. Unfortunately I was right. He had added me to a secret Facebook-Group without asking me. I didn't leave a sign there. Later he had removed me from his group because I should not have seen anymore, that he had made the next filthy calumnies, maybe against me or also against Frank. That's very strange, that in the same time some of the other artists simply had deleted the friendship with my husband in Facebook. And I myself had seen, a very unique community simply had been destroyed.

In November 2012 a new virtual community had grown up when Mixlr was for free yet. In May 2014 broadcasters with basic accounts for free got a limitation of only 1 hour, and since April 2017 broadcasting for these accounts is not possible anymore although not everybody wants to make online-banking. Again a community had gone. I think, the radio-chats of the other radio-stations (SHOUTcast Radio Websites) are still active although I myself was not able anymore to visit them. But I don't miss them. In one of the 2 radio-chats a very spiteful man had insulted me only. Also in the other one I had been derided for my fears and terrible experiences with spiteful remarks, and all my software-related questions simply didn't have been answered although there always were between 10 and 20 guests in a chat and at least some of them must have seen my questions. I really had to learn everything alone with "discover and try".

At least less internet-activities mean for me also more time for making new park-tours and new nature-photos, and back at home I also have more time for making my photo-edits.

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