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The last time I forgot to mention some points. I should add them...

I cannot exclude for 100%, that the first troublemaker in Facebook was also this one unknown user or one of the unknown users, who had given very bad ratings with only 1 star to all my video-uploads on YouTube, systematically and intentionally. 1 star was the worst and 5 stars was the best rating. Later YouTube had changed the rating-system to "thumbs up" and "thumbs down". I had no other choice than to disable the ratings for each video-upload. Later also some other good artists got these intentional bad ratings, but not only on YouTube, also on MyOwnMusic and MyVideo. Later MyVideo had deleted all our accounts with and without own uploads. Only a few users and artists were also on MyVideo, not only on YouTube and MySpace. Some artists and users were on the music-websites already after they had been founded, and we ourselves had discovered them 2, 3 or a few years later, very lately, too lately (the same for me is also with Winamp).

Some artists on YouTube and MySpace had changed the settings also, so that each comment for a video or on a profile has to wait for its approval. Of course it becomes necessary, if other users make intentional bad comments on a profile or for a music-upload on a music-website. Also worse comments by nasty users have to be avoided, of course, and I know, later some nasty users had some more nasty plans with their comments. About MySpace itself: The profile-layout had been changed a few times, and after we got also "The New MySpace", many people had left MySpace or they are not active anymore on this music-website. Unfortunately in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 some bigger websites had been hacked, also LinkedIn, Yahoo and MySpace.

We had refused to give our E-Mail-Adresses to unkown people in Facebook when they wanted to get our E-Mail-Adresses via PM. But because of the big hackings of the bigger websites it had happened what we didn't have wanted: Unauthorized people got also our E-Mail-Adresses. And although WPA2 should be very secure and our second router was newer (from October 2013), we think, our WLAN-Key had been hacked by the unknown people who were standing with their mobile devices near our multi-family-house every day for many hours in Autumn 2014. When we had turned off the WLAN in December, suddenly these people had disappeared. If these dishonest people had read our activities in our network, then it is very bad.

In the same time we had to experience also an identity-theft. But we had to contact the police more than only 1 time in our life. Some years ago unknown housebreakers got the doors open to some rooms in the basement of the multi-family-house, some objects had been stolen. Later, after we had already internet, we got also some very nasty E-Mails with murder-threats, we still don't know, if our life was in danger in that time. And 2 years ago in the evening suddenly 1 or some unknown housebreakers had tried to open the door to our apartment while we both were at home. A half year later the next attacks at the door had happened after midnight. We are already very careful: If unknown people appear at the door and ring again and again, then we don't open the door.

I have mentioned already, we had learned to know many people in real, but only a few of them were and are true friends. Some people wanted to patronize us and dictate our life, some people were very moody, unfriendly, arrogant, selfish, corruptible, inhuman, regardless, nasty, spiteful, with many prejudices, dishonest, not reliable or without any respect for our individuality and privacy or our ownership and proprietary. In the past we had received many visits by many former contacts, solo and also after our wedding in August 1993 (in December we had moved into our previous 2-room-apartment). We had experienced, that suddenly objects had been damaged, later also, that objects had disappeared, and maybe some more objects are not in our apartment anymore. They are not at their place where they should have been. When did the other objects disappear, already in our previous apartment, later in our current apartment or during the necessary moving because of the pipe-break in the apartment above in January 2006?

I could have some more stories about the virtual contacts in the internet and contacts in real, but for today I should finish because I don't want to make my posting too long...

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