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Speaking of vee-hickles, when I was having some (most) of the panels on my Micra repainted (under lifetime warranty by MotorOne, yay!), I had them remove the badges from the bonnet (hood) and rear hatch; the rears were just stuck on, but removing the front-and-centre NISSAN logo from the bonnet revealed two holes in the bonnet itself: horizontally aligned, about 4 inches apart. I'm now wondering how to cover them up.
  • I was thinking of a ThunderCats logo, but a chrome emblem thereof has proved impossible to find.
  • We have a Transformers logo (Autobots ) chrome emblem that we originally had stuck onto ShyShy Jr's petrol filler door, but it's so heavy that it started to just slide off; admittedly, we first covered the door with red Contact to project the paint and also to make it stand out (see attached) and this may have negatively affected the adhesion. The more important issue with this option is that the bonnet is heavily curved at the nose, and the back of the emblem is flat, so only the vertical middle of the adhesive backing would be in contact with the bonnet. We'd probably need to cut into the backing to make a concave curve, to try to match the bonnet. Ugh.
  • …?
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