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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Hi Seyss

DrO implemented a fair few new features between Dec 2013 and Sep 2014, e.g. album art downloader (which was basically a replacement for the old AMG/Rovi service which was discontinued a few years back); album art read/write/embed + config; an option to disable all video support; prev/next buttons in Alt+3 editor (taken out of jtfe and natively implemented in winamp.exe); improved stream info page in Alt+3; legacy compatibility mode config; png support for classic skins; an option to disable the prompt to install skins/langpacks; an option to show/hide the llama video logo; and much much more; plus also a plethora of ui tweaks; and a huge amount of bug fixes and other tweaks... plus the start on work for disabling/replacing 3rd-party decoders & services etc which were licensed by/to AOL.

However, some of the work he started was unfinished.
As I said in a previous post, we got to a stage where we had a pretty decent 5.8 beta build a few weeks back, but we've since discovered a number of issues (crashes/bugs/etc) related to that unfinished work, so we decided to rollback to Jan 2014 and start cherry-picking commits to try and resolve said issues... we're still in the middle of that process (it's a huge task, btw, but without DrO, still easier than trying to determine the causes & fixes separately).

Also, over the past few months, I've made a fair few changes and implemented/fixed some stuff (much of which is minor, and I won't go into any detail here); Martin has done some Bento skin updates (yay!); and Benski has coded a new out_wasapi plug-in (still in alpha stages); a new in_mod plug-in based on OpenMPT (still alpha); and has also replaced the mp3, aac & h264 decoders (the previous ones were licensed to AOL, but we've managed to come up with open-source or free alternative replacement methods, which I'm also not going into any great detail about either, at least, not until we've got a public beta out).

No work was done on Winamp between ~Sep 2014 and ~Aug 2015, because SHOUTcast DNAS v2.5 took precendence. We needed to get the SHOUTcast Streaming Service and DNAS+ Monetization products working properly to generate revenue first. Makes sense, right?

So.... on top of the aforementioned Winamp 5.8 refactoring, there's still a lot of work to be done before we can even get a public beta out, never mind a full release.

We've just about got CD Ripping working again (without the Sonic Engine), which was another thing that DrO had worked on, but we'll probably have to leave CD Burning & Gracenote replacement (CDDB/Auto-Tag/Playlist-Generator/etc) until 5.81 or whatever comes after said next release.

So...we're getting there...slowly but surely.... but at the moment, even I'm not sure what features/fixes/etc will make it into 5.8.

Seyss, surely you must understand that we can't really move forward properly until all those AOL codecs/features/services have been removed & replaced. We can't really put out a new version with tons of features from 5.666 missing....

Talking of which, another thing that's not been mentioned related to DrO's departure is the impact it has on JTFE.
JTFE was DrO's personal project/plug-in (as was UnicodeTaskbarFix.w5s) and, as requested/specified, we can no longer include it with the Winamp distribution.... so there's another major issue which will need addressing....

I was deeply affected by DrO's departure. It took me quite some time to come to terms with it. TBH, I still haven't.
The past couple years have been an emotional rollercoaster.... from learning that Winamp was being shutdown, to Radionomy coming in the last dying moments to save us, to DrO's departure, and much more.... it's not been easy....

All I ask for now is for everyone to please be patient. Yes, I know.... 2 years with no updates.... it's unthinkable...crazy...insane.... but with the limited resources that we have, we're doing our very best. Yes, Vivendi is now a major shareholder, but it's still too early, and we don't know the potential implications/impact/effect yet, so for now, we're just carrying on the same as before. We will get there in the end, and I'm doing my very best to keep you all informed on the progress.

Thanks <3
<3 dj egg
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