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Originally Posted by Anders View Post
"/oname=data\ed\5_10_0\ACTCOMMONFORM.XSD.Dcf" is not a full path, it should start with $instdir or something like that.
Unfortunately this:

PHP Code:
File "/oname=$INSTDIR\data\ed\5_10_0\ACTCOMMONFORM.XSD.Dcf" "C:\!NEW_INSTALLER\!DEVELOP\!!cache1\data\ed\5_10_0\ACTCOMMONFORM.XSD.Dcf" 
leads to syntax error too.

And what's mean this:

PHP Code:
Use /oname=switch to change the output nameX may contain variables and can be a fully qualified path or a relative path in which case it will be appended to $OUTDIR set by SetOutPathWhen using this switch, only one file can be specified. If the output name contains spacesquote the entire parameterincluding /oname, as shown in the examples below
from here:

It's old article? Full path absolutely need?

Big thanks for your fast answers!
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