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From the previous version thread

Originally posted by wdekler
I've tried the autotag feature a couple of times but when using it for songs older than a couple of years it nearly always comes up with the "wrong" album.

These albums are hits compilations instead of the original album on which the song first appeared.

I hope that this behaviour will change in later version... or is this purely up to Gracenote?

Reply by TheUniqueTiger:

If you are talking about mismatched information retrieved by auto-tagger, then its already stated in the Known bugs/issues section at the start of this huge thread.
No, this is something different from the known bugs from the previous release (I think?).

For example: if I autotag Love's theme from Love unlimited autotag comes up with

Album: 70's ï¼»Disc 5ï¼½
Album artist: Various Artists
Track: 15
Disc: 5/6

While allmusic says:

Album: Rhapsody in White
Track: 8

I don't doubt that this track appears on this 70's compilation but I think that the allmusic information is much more accurate.
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