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Well I didn't expect that either ...

Thats quite a conecise explantation, Totaly get it..mind you I'm gonna print it out and study it like I have with 10 or so other wicked posts I've found. I'm getting a bit of a progression thing happening... from a couple days ago I'm getting more and more things undercontrol... still a long way to go. As it goes it's just a matter of sticking with it and "Dreaming new ideas"

A bit of props for AVS

--- Studing maths.. which I find interesting usually.. To use something with a straight away effect on visuals in such a dynamic flow of colour and music... Somehow's effected the time I spend studying by three fold --- weird???

Thanks for the effort again UnConeD.
you've helped yet ANOTHER potential AVSer bridge another gap

A note to other neewuubies like me have a look the load example superscopes, the code in there will give some indication as to the layout of the code. B4 you wrote this last post UnConeD I was resorting to the 3D layout they had going on in there.


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