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Hi Thinktink,

Thanks for you advice. I'm unable to run the server on the Windows puter cause it's not local and I can't get a posix OS on it ... however, I have checked the router and all the other ports are open fine. I've tried many different ones just for kicks.

However, on my FreeBSD machine, with the exact same setup, everything works perfectly, including SAM. So what I've done is to use my BSD machine as the transcoder and then the Windows machine as a relay. That's working great, so I'm happy and I think I'll stick with this setup.

Still don't know why the Windows sc_trans isn't accepting the connections from DJs using v1, because Winamp using v2 works fine with it. But having the DJ access is the whole point of using the transcoder for me, so I need it to be reliable. Probably some weird quirk in the OS and/or who knows. One of those 'voodoo' things I guess!

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