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SAM stuff


Thanks Daz and Thinktink for your research into this. The issue with SAM is that most of the DJs have older (like 4.2.2 or below) versions of SAM, so I have to be able to accommodate them. In my tests I tried 4.2.2, 4.9.0, and an older one (forgot which exactly.) None worked with the windows sc_trans, but on FreeBSD it's all fine. As other people have apparently had no problem using SAM with sc_trans on windows, it must be something specific to this particular machine. It's running WinXP SP3 with the firewall turned off. I have complete access to it, but not physical access, or I would blow up windows and put a "real" server OS on it!

The server is physically located in Denmark if that makes any difference, while me and my FreeBSD server (working perfectly) are in the US. If I had physical access to the computer in Denmark I might find something that could cause the connection problem, however that's not going to happen so I have to work with what I've got.

Thanks again to all who are testing this ... I don't think sc_trans or SAM are at fault here, just some odd combination of "tech voodoo."

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