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If you had lived where I lived, as a white dude, and said "nigger", the likelyhood of your painful demise would be very high.

To a certain degree, you're right. "Nigger" is just as bad as "Kike" or "Spic" and should be treated as such.

Fuck a history lesson, especially about defuct governmet's slave system (I mean, really, Rome has been dead for awhile now, I think, other than as an empire, we can stop comparing todays society to it. All it's going to be is an argument of sources that no one will research. Really. How pointless is it to argue Roman Slave systems? For the record, Shakey is more right than you are t0quer, although you make some mild points.) We should really be arguing whether or not you can decide what is said and what isn't (especially on television). Slurs (ALL of them, including fag, queer, frog, nigger, spic, sand nigger, kike, gook, jungle bunny, ect) are not cool, in really any context.

The difference is how it is used. Black folks use the word "nigger" to talk to each other. big deal. Being blacks have been through a stuggle (especially in America), they use it to tag each other in what I always believed to be a bit of a brethren way to speak. Someone who isn't black wouldn't understand that, and like I said, this is my best guess.

To me, calling someone a "Nigger" when you are not black is offensive. It's not because I'm a pacifist (I'm not), and it's not because I'm afraid (Sometimes, I am), but I'll tell you what, most people do consider it offensive.

My dad is a huge racist, and the last time he rolled out that particular word, I told him not to use it. When asked why, I told him that he was making himself look like a moron, and if he really did feel that a certain type of person was below him,simply because of the color of thier skin, than he was a moron.

This is how I see it. If you use a word that is meant to put someone else down because of thier race, creed, or color, you're a moron.

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