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Are the music files arranged in e.g. "music\artist\album" subfolders?

What's the filenames of your art files?

The image needs to be either embedded in the actual music files, or exist in the same folder as the music files.

Winamp For Android 1.4.10 supports the following art filenames:

Cover Art (front).jpg

(where %AlbumTitle% is the exact album name)

The following extensions are also supported:


If the above structure already exists, then you could try clearing the cache for the Winamp app.

Go to: Android Settings > Apps > Downloaded > Winamp
and press "Clear cache".

(Note, it’s "Clear cache" not "Clear data")

If that doesn't work, then you could try clearing the Android media database...

Android Settings > Apps > All > Media Storage > Clear data

Restart the phone, then wait a few minutes for the media database to be rebuilt before opening the Winamp app.
(you should see an "Indexing Files" icon in the notification area)
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