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Yup, replacing all of the VCL Forms was definitely the hard part. I've got a new version compiled already in debug mode and running without any VCL dependencies.

During this process I've found some minor bugs:

Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI) processing was a bit mangled. It was bringing in the port number (if specified) for stream sources and if the last part of the host name (i.e. ".com") needed to be processed then the port number got included in the processor. Whoops. So far I don't think there are any top-level domains that require processing so I don't think anybody was effected by it.

I also found that some HTTP server implementations weren't accepting properly URL encoded tildes ("~") so I added it to the already very long list of characters to skip encoding.

Replacing the VCL's handler of TCP/IP sockets with my own custom handler seems to have stopped the temporary hangs when playing streams without libopusurl-0.dll available. Of course anybody who installs the plugin from the installer will probably never see the improvement unless they delete libopusurl-0.dll but that's not expected. However, I know at least one user who refuses to run the installer and manually extracts the DLLs and doesn't use libopusurl-0.dll so he might see an improvement.

v2.0 should be out pretty soon if everything tests out ok.
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