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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

embedding the art might be "safest" to make this all work, but it also is redundant in that it wastes space, and it can have its own set of problems.

It is only redundant if the same image is used for all the songs in an album. I use different images for each song. The album cover for the 1st track and various pictures of the artist or things related to the song's mood, theme, or lyrics for the other tracks. To me, it's boring to look at the same image for every song on an album, especially since storage space is no longer an issue.

The only problems I've experienced is when an image file is corrupt or becomes corrupted during the embedding process (using a quality embedding utility avoids the 2nd issue). Various image formats may be used, but I only use "jpg".

It should also be kept in mind that some music file formats allow multiple images to be embedded in a file, but Winamp's official input decoders only use the one tagged as the "cover".

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