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I'm really sorry you had an unpleasant experience with Nobex. I've been using their app for the last 6 years, can't remember having any deal-breaker issues, but all I had in that thing was my stream, no one else's (White Label, with my logo and such).

In the beginning it was just streaming my station, every title had its album art automatically discovered, just by setting correctly the artist/song tag, still does it now. I'm even playing it now from an old iPhone 3 sitting on its dock-speakers. A BlackBerry Torch that saw better days also plays the station in my work-desk, using Nobex Radio.

As for the Android app, it currently uses HTML5 and several widgets where you can edit what to put in there. Seriously, for what it's worth, I'd sincerely recommend you to give it another chance, and notify Cait@Nobex (she's the one who set me up the sweet White Label partnership) to lend a hand.

I'm not even far from your reputation in the forums/scene, so you are most likely to snatch a much better deal for your radio if you talk to the Nobex gals. They'll put you up and running flawlessly, word.

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