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Ipad and super huge issue

Anyway I have put two topics in one thread just for ease. Now I know all of you MS fan boys are going to hate me but what you think of the iPad? I personally love it even though I crave the latest MS products. I already own an iPod touch but believe this is a revolutionary product that does bridge the gap between laptops, and smart phones (basically what all netbooks should be like - I hate netbooks with a passion!)

Also has anyone signed up to Lockerz - if they have can they give me some feedback I have already created an account with 56ptz, but wanted another review of it. Thanks for all your help you guys will give me!!!

Oh and by the way Lockerz is an invite only system so PM me with your email and I will do my best to get back to you with an invite within the next 24hours but probably less
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