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manually updating of information in Winamp should still work, but yes it's a pain (especially as i've had to buy some new CDs so i'm going to be able to check out things during testing).

considering the poor communication which came from Gracenote when under the prior ownership (not being informed the buggy SDK we had to use was EOL'd for example - which to support their new SDK meant a re-write of the functionality anyway), i'm somewhat anti-Gracenote. especially with the sort of financial numbers that they're expecting to keep using their service which is just exorbitant (and not viable for a free player like we are).

hence why we're changing to more open / free solutions. which is no more different than having to re-write things to use their newer SDK and more importantly by not using Gracenote, we're able to consider making use of a wider range of services instead of being dependent upon a single one which has its issues as we're clearly seeing now. since the Gracenote terms prevented using alternative sources for tag lookup, etc.

so it's going to be painful for those who need such functionality, but in the long run we should have a better solution available than what went before (as well as hopefully re-instating the ability to do cover art lookup which hasn't been enabled for 2yrs due to licensing "crap").
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