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Yes, I am sure that Mr. Ebert is probably sorta like a man. I miss the late Gene Siskel, who dissented with Ebert on movies where we would almost always agree. Maybe in this case. We'll never know. RIP Gene!

I knew if Siskel said and Ebert said , I was in for a really good film. Now I just have to take the Ebert review and invert... generally speaking.

We should start our own show. Widdy and hippie. You can love sentimental goo movies about high school students and I'll say PASS! High school dramas died for me with "The Breakfast Club" which I did like but would never admit and probably will never watch again.

No offense Widdy, we agree sometimes. Just not this time

It's not just this film. If it has a high school in it and no axe murderer.... pass..

If it has kids in it... pass... That lets out modern Star Wars and Harry Potter anything. I am sure glad I don't have to endure Hannah Montana thank the Lord! Brittany Spears, Barney the purple dinosaur,Pokemon, genetically engineered Disney child stars,"My Little Pony" and I are SO done.

FREE! FREE! I Tell you. AH AHA HAA!!!!

/me does pp dance and checks whiskers for consistency of hair dye.

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