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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Wow, was this movie bad. Let's start off with suspension of disbelief. Space robots that turn into cars, that I can believe. Shia LaBeouf giving up a Camero that is a f-ing robot and Megan Fox to go to college, that's just too much. I love my time in college, but I would traid it in a second for either a robot car or Megan Fox. A half hour into this movie I found myself totall unintrested, so it is hard to give it a proper reivew because it really didn't have my undivided attention. Yeah, the special effects and giant robots were *amazing* but I think we have gotten to a point where that jsut isn't enough to sell a movie. When computer effects were coming big when I was younger, sure I would see and love a movie because of the special effects, but at this point it is really no big deal. Yeah, giant fighting robots looks amazing, but that just isn't enough to keep my interest anymore. With characters I can't stand, and your standard action fair with limited story or development, this movie just bored the crap out of me. One out of Five.

The Usual Suspects - Back to the older movies I had never seen, and this was worth seeing. A fun crime thriller that kept me quite interested. Though the bad thing about seeing an older movie that is this popular, it has long been spoiled for me, seeing since there is one hell of a twist at the end. Even knowing the ending I quiet enjoyed this movie and the story telling involved. Great characters, good development and just overall a fun movie. Four out of Five.

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