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GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Like a lot of the toy based movies (and other 80/90s cartoons, I never really played with GI Joe, so I won't argue accuracies). Seeing the previews, I though this looked really bad. To my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now admittedly the story is pretty contrived and there are several gigantic plot holes in it as well, but they weren't selling this movie because of the amazing story. So, it comes down to the action and how well it is tied together. Some scenes were quite over the top and even downright silly at times, but still entertaining. A decent cast, enough interweaving of a bit of comedy. It's not a bad movie if you want a decent turn your brain off action movie. Three out of Five.

And now for a nitpick, and there are tons to choose from with this moive, but this is a common theme I see in a lot of these types of movies and it always bugs me. The *gigantic* underground remote secret base. Most secret crime fighting organizations have one, and usually the baddie as well. The baddie never knows where the secret base is, yet say in GI Joe it is a several story underground base with planes and tanks and a giant pool for sub training. There is no way at all a place of that caliber or even 10% of it could be built in secret. The dirt evacuation alone would be impossible to go unnoticed. And instead of some highly complex plan to get a tracking beacon inside said base, why not pay off (or torture) one of the thousands of construction workers that must have been required to work on it. The conspiracy of construction would just be impossible to build a facility of that size and have nobody notice.

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