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I usually wait for the DVD, but I guess Avatar is supposed to be something special. I'll see this in 3d Imax when I do it. No use chimping out.

I havem't seen a 3d movie since Creature From the Black Lagoon in probably like 1970.

I have been watching the Caprica pilot. OMG! OMG! Gag me with a spoon! Not only are there frackin kids in this movie, they are frackin squaaky, frackin whiney, frackin preppie girls. This totally FRACKIN sucks. It's really frackin hard to frackin find frackin sympathy for the eventual destruction of frackin Planet SoCal. Totally! All the frackin adolescent frackin whining and frackin crying makes me frackin want to frackin slap someone. Luckily these teeneeboppers frackin have frackin waterproof mascara.

I will pray to the gods of Mars that swift and terrible vengeance will come to the producers uf this frackin show.

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