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How can I show the progress of a song on a SHOUTcast stream?

To play a SHOUTcast stream on my website I am using JPlayer and in particular the CirclePlayer. When playing normal normal MP3 files it shows the progress of a track: there is a green progress bar that shows how much of the current track has played, but with a SHOUTcast stream this does not work.

I have been doing some research and it seems impossible to make it work for streams:

- The public metadata on `/stats?sid=1` doesn't give the length of the current track
- It is possible to get the length of a song through the stream metadata, but then you still don't know how long the song has been playing. That info doesn't seem available.

Am I correct that it is impossible (or at least very difficult and inaccurate) to show the progress of the current track in a SHOUTcast stream? If not, how can I do it?
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