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Another way of using p2p scoping (point-to-point, which is what you're doing now...) is to let AVS figure out the coords instead of giving them. Here's a nice example I just made. I'm quite proud of it . Take a good look at the Texer II code. Don't bother the 3D stuff around it, the part that matters is:


pd=0.4 //Distance between points

Per frame
xp=-1; //starting positions every frame

Per point
xp=xp+pd; //gridforming

xp=if(above(xp,1),-1,xp); //grid reset if N is set too high

It took me some time to figure this out, though it's quite simple now I've got it. I was playing with extra counters first, but after some puzzling, I realised I didn't need any. Let's see if you can figure out what's happening yourself, it's better that way than if I say it right now .

Other dudes around here, tell me what you think. Me personally likes it a lot.

Read the comment for code explanation
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