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umm someone wanna deploy a ACTUAL SSC HELP GUIDE?! (ffs not hard enough?)
Superscope tutorial goes here
But for now, here is the old text:
You can specify expressions that run on Init, Frame, and on Beat.
'n' specifies the number of points to render (set this in Init, Beat, or Frame).
For the 'Per Point' expression (which happens 'n' times per frame), use:
'x' and 'y' are the coordinates to draw to (-1..1)
'i' is the position of the scope (0..1)
'v' is the value at that point (-1..1).
'b' is 1 if beat, 0 if not.
'red', 'green' and 'blue' are all (0..1) and can be modified
'linesize' can be set from 1.0 to 255.0
'skip' can be set to >0 to skip drawing the current item
'drawmode' can be set to > 0 for lines, <= 0 for points
'w' and 'h' are the width and height of the screen, in pixels.
Anybody want to send me better text to put here? Please
umm how's this supposed to help?! ?

i am not normal, no really.
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