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You know the syntax don't you?
= to assign a var to either
x, y, i, v, ect...
; ends a statement

x is the line on X, try writing " x=i-0.5; " in a superscope.
y is the vertical line, try changing " x=i-0.5; " to " y=i-0.5: ".
v is used to read the sound, try writing "x=i*2-1; y=v;" to get an example of this.
I is what creates the line, without it you'll just get a dot. try " x=0; " for an example.
to make a moving line use "x=sin(t)-i", in "frame" write "t=t+0.02", this will add 0.02 to "T" on each frame. sin/cos/others closes it into the box so it won't go out of it. I assume you know math here.
x and y both go from -1 to 1, where -1 on both is the top left corner and one is bottom right.
That's the basics for ya, try continuing on this yourself.

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