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The sound card might be only a year old, but what about the drivers?
Do you have the correct & latest drivers from the manufacturer?

Have you installed any new hardware recently?
Is the sound or graphics card sharing IRQ with any other hardware? (see Device Manager).

Re: WaveOut
Basically, waveOut implementation in Win2k was very poor, which is why DirectSound is recommended (Windows Media Player uses DirectSound by default, with no option to switch to waveOut).

Do you have the latest Win2k service pack (sp4)?
Have you got all the latest chipset/drivers for your motherboard?

What file formats are you playing?
Just mp3, or a mixture? (mp3, wav, wma, aac, midi, ogg, mod, audio cd, etc).
Are all formats affected?
Do other media players exhibit similar problems?

You could also zip up a DirectX Diagnostic Log (start > run > dxdiag > save all info) and a HijackThis log and attach it to your next reply (attachment feature available via "Post A Reply" button).

Apart from that, try a clean install of Winamp 5.08
then apply those out_ds tweaks again (select correct sound device and enable hw acceleration).
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