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Finally worked out a workaround for this. Here it is:

Re-Tag your mp3s to the name of your show. lol. When I do a mix I pull tracks from all over my collection so generally I'll copy the files into a 'mix' folder. Then I put them into Foobar (my media player), and using the masstagger plugin, add my DJ name / show name to the start of the artist field on all the tracks. This will not only assure you have your DJ/show name on there all the time, the track names will get broadcast too.

To do this in the masstagger follow these instructions:
Add -> Format Value From Other Fields -> Select Artist Field -> Input: DJ name / show - %artist%

I tried doing this with other taggers first (to avoid people needing to use Foobar if they didn't want to), but I couldn't find one.

Now when you pick up the stream in winamp it'll be exactly how you want it, and therefore broadcast how you want it

Obviously I wouldn't advise doing this to the tracks in your collection, only copies of the files you have pulled out for the mix you're doing.
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