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Originally Posted by Worez View Post

Wouldn't simply listing FLAC [WAV, WV, etc.] in the
Preferences > Plug-ins > Input > Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder > Configure > General > File Association
do the trick?
Interesting idea. I don't know what would happen. There are separate input decoders for those file formats, so that idea never came to mind. Maybe the MPEG audio decoder will buffer each file type and then pass the decoding on to the appropriate decoder. Maybe it will buffer and try to decode all the formats and succeed with some and fail with others. Maybe it will ignore all formats it can't handle and pass the processing on to the appropriate decoders (or not) and just buffer and decode the formats it can handle. Worst case, it may cause Winamp to hang or crash when trying to process formats it can't handle. If you try this idea, please post your results.

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