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Originally Posted by Worez View Post

I have a question: why did I have to change buffer in Input and not in Output?

[Also what did not help me was the change of Winamp's Priority Class from High to Realtime]
That main output buffer must be filled (and kept full until the song is ending) before further output processing can continue. Increasing the size of the main output buffer when reading pieces of a file at a time could just make the problem worst, since it would take longer to fill the buffer at the start and may make it harder to kept the buffer full until the last part of the file is buffered.

Running Winamp with a realtime priority is not recommended. This could lead to other problems and would not help in this case if Winamp was given another slice of processing time while it was still waiting for results (i.e. data from the drive) from prior time slices. Best case, Winamp would just give the time back to the OS to distribute elsewhere, but I don't know if it is designed to do this. Maybe assigned processing time it can't use is just wasted.

Are you using a multi-core CPU? If you are and the problem returns, you could try using the Windows Task Manager to assign different cores to Winamp and the torrent app when you are running both at the same time. You can use a free utility like "HWiNFO" ( to see which cores are being used and how much they are being used to guide any reassignments. Without specific assignments, the OS may assign different cores each the apps are ran.

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