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Has a version, not sure how recent though. ID3Com hasnt had an update in a while, its now part of id3lib or something. Not too sure.

An issue with it is it only takes a number for the genre, rather than a string and then converting it. So you will need to do that yourself, unless you can find some other library that uses a string.

Seems to take a string, but it didnt seem to work for me if the genre field doesnt exist to begin with. The author of that is putting the code towards id3com so Im not sure which is more recent.

x = GetSendToItems

if ubound(x,1) > 0 Then

set id3co = CreateObject("ID3Com.ID3COMTag")
newgenre = CStr(InputBox("New Genre"))

for each track in x track.filename
if id3co.HasV2Tag then
'set id3 tag (only takes a number)
id3co.Genre = 0
'set media library data
track.genre = newgenre
end if
end if

Will work, but note the fact it just sets the genre to '0' (Blues). You will have to work out a way to decide what genre number to use (0-255).

If you can find a command line id3 tagger which takes a filename and a argument, such as:

id3tag "song.mp3" -genre Dance

or whatever, you can use to run the command on every item rather than using id3com. There should be an example in this thread by saivert on running an external program.

@¿¢?: Sure I encourage that, I intend to setup a site which will have a repository of scripts, similar to the winamp plugin database. Will take a little while, but in the meantime is there any particular script you are after?
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