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multi instance with activeWA

Hi out there!

I've running two instances of winamp classed as 'Instance1' and 'Instance2'. Using only the library of one instance I have to send items through the 'sendto', right?

I tried something like this:

Dim x, WshShell

Set WshShell=CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
x = GetSendToItems

if ubound(x,1) > 0 then

for each track in x
WshShell.Run "c:\\programs\\winamp\\winamp.exe /CLASS""Instance1"" /ADD """ & track.filename & """"

end if

(just the same with 'sendto_Instance2')

Seems not to work correctly but I can't figure out the reason.
Right way to do this, or is there a (better) internal way?
Or is it better to have two diffrent winamp installation folders?

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