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$$$ for plugin

i need a WinAmp plugin, but have no idea how to create one. I found a plugin by olivier.detry that is very close to what i need, but the email and website address no longer exist.

i would like to send a command (DOS) line with 5 parameters that might look like the following example:

Winamp.exe “C:\mp3s\SongTitle - Artist.mp3” 23.5 .5 45 2

This would accomplish the following:

loads winamp, loads the song file as specified, jumps to 23.5 seconds mark of the track, does a 1/2 second fadein, and plays 45 seconds before doing a 2 second fade out. i want only one instance of winamp running at a time...

The five parameters (song file, start time, fade in length, length to play, fade out length) would all be variable depending on the command line, which is generated each time.

Ideally, i would like this to be done in VLC, but i have been told that fade in/out is not possible, so now i’m turning to WinAmp, which i like better anyway…

Can anybody create such a plugin for me, and at what cost?

Thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from you! Just reply to this thread and i'll get an instant email...
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