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While testing the new Notifier/Songticker context menu options I stumbled upon two further features which I totally neglected so far. These would be the Fade In/Out Effects states which allow to move the notifier horizontally/vertically for example. And since those features did not work properly, caused by an outdated notifier script I had to update this one.

I already made it and am very pleased with the results. Although I have to confess that Bento's notifier script does not allow notification displays without album art cover on them. Well, it would be possible to comment out that part of the file but would mean a lot of work and even more testing.

Long story short: there will be an album cover on the Notifier in the coming version 1.2.

Now I would like to know your opinion about three things which I might change for the next update:

1) should we keep the rounded edges on the Notifier or change it to 90° corners?
2) what would be the best size for an album cover?
3) should we keep the text alignment as it is (in the middle) or change it to Bento-style?

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