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Hi PeterK.,

The Bento-based notifier options (position, fade in/out, timing, etc.) selected in 1 skin are subsequently used by other skins that support Bento-based notifiers. The options I had selected for the skin that I use most often did not change when I switched to Quinto Black CT, so I didn't realize that it's fade in/out options were not working correctly. I did test changing the notifier's position, but I didn't test the other options.

I appreciate having albumart in the notifier. It helps me identify a song more quickly when the rest of Winamp is not visible (minimized or underneath other app windows). I was going to suggest albumart be added to your notifier, but changed my mind after your response to my resizing controls comment.

I think you should leave the size and shape of the notifier as it is and the albumart should be sized to fit within it. The alignment of the text placed to the right (or left) of the albumart should also remain as it is. I think the style of the notifier should reflect the style of the skin and the desires of the skin's developer as much as possible, and not be a cookie cutter copy of the notifier in other skins.

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