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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
A note regarding the vertical slide option in Notifications context menu.

Upon further testing I realized that this particular feature does not work properly. Two scenarios would always trigger the Notifier to just pop in on the desktop instead of moving it vertically:

1) Fresh Winamp start
2) double click on a song in the Playlist Editor


1) click on the EJECT button (open file)
2) double click on a playlist file in the Open/Save Dialog Box.

Deleting or even commenting out these vertical slide options from the context menu would mean deleting many lines within the notifier script file which could cause another glitches and which I really would like to avoid. Hence I am going to leave it as it is. As for now I do not recommend using it.

The default setting while running Quinto's coming release 1.2 will obviously be the ALPHA option, which has never caused any troubles whatsoever.

Strange, I've noticed that all the notifier options work in the Big Bento skin. They continue to work as they were set there (including the vertical slide) after switching to this skin.

I normally use the horizontal slide in and alpha fade out (at the top center of my monitor) for all the skins in my collection that use a Bento-based notifier. I just checked with the skin I use most often (listed in my signature below) and the vertical slide option doesn't work in it either. However, switching to Big Bento to select it and then switching back causes it to work.

I also see in the current version of your skin that it is not possible to select different fade in and fade out options. Whatever is selected for one is automatically applied to the other. Did you fix that?

The Bento-based notifier options (that Winamp applies to all such notifiers) are written to a common area in the "studio.xnf" file (in the Winamp folder in your user's data folder). Since this is working correctly in Big Bento, it appears that something in your and Victhor's skins are writing (or causing Winamp to write) an alpha fade to "studio.xnf" when vertical slide is selected.

Great job on your notifier text alignment for the next version.

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