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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Any chance of adding stereo spectrum analyzers like these?
From the top of my head I would say these are just two visualizers which do not "accurately represent the different stereo responses coming from the right and left channels" because there is only one visualizer in Winamp. I jut made a screenshot while playing a file and see exactly the same "values" on both sides with one difference: these two visualizers are (double) mirrored.

I really hope I am not saying anything silly here - we could also ask Victor. But as far as I know you can have different stereo responses only while using VU meters - either as two bars like on Quinto's MainPlayer or in a separate container window using needles. Making such feature requires namely the use of two commands:

getLeftVuMeter() and getRightVuMeter()

Adding a visualizer (also called "Visualization") means just adding these simple lines, which automatically display it wherever you wish:

PHP Code:
="355" y="47" w="126" h="34"
As you see: no left or right.
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