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Re: Same error with 29K files and 150 Gb

Originally posted by jerybis

I have got the exact same error. It is several month I am trying to make it work but always the same error : playlist failed to initiate.

I use winamp 5.56, 30k files and around 150 Gb. The external hard drive is connected through USB. I get an error with the computer connected with USB as well as with any computer network connected.

Would be great to get it solve.

I think maybe that's our problem -- the USB drive thing. possibly if there's a glitch in the connection between the computer and the drive, it knocks the database out of whack.

actually, the fact that you have a similar environment gives me a couple ideas -- I'm going to see if the drive shuts itself off automatically or if there's anything else that might be intentionally (at least as far as the computer is concerned) causing a break in the connection with the drive...
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