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Ah, I forgot to reply to your message, Mrs. Klare .

I couldn't imagine actually living in a tiny, cramped room like my computer room. I'd actually have to keep my computer room clean and clear of clutter, lol ! Fortunately, my grandfather has provided me living arrangements with his house and some outdoor property as well, I just pay rent out of my social security . Though, I wouldn't doubt that a one-room cramped apartment could easily cost just as much if not more, and that's not including food!

I guess to a degree I've been able to make my imagination into a preset, in addition to the ghostly but improved form in my mind's eye of the image that milkdrop generates from the code. That's really all I can do to make it better when I know how to tweak the code. The ghostly image in my mind's eye of what Star Forge / Nova could be may forever remain a phantom in my mind's eye because of my skill and the design constraints. I feel that I've gotten very close with v5b, but then I look back and see that I thought the same thing for v5a, v5, v4, v3, all the way back even to vPub of Star Forge. Its like as I'm watching the preset run, I'm not seeing the preset I've made, but what I've imagined it to be. E.g., I was seeing Star Forge v4 or v5 when I made v3, v10 or 12 when I made v5, etc. Still aside from Star Forge/Nova for a moment, I'd like to do something like a mandala that changes its patterns and overall appearance to the beat, perhaps with a shape-driven preset with a bunch of textured = 1 shapes. Maybe one day I'll give it a shot, it depends if there is any more potential for development of Star Nova.

I'm pretty happy with how Star Nova changes with the beat of the music with good differences with different music that even remain somewhat the same in general with the same beat / music. That's really been the whole of the design philosophy behind Star Forge / Star Nova now. Music paused, frozen / no preset. Music quiescent, minimal visuals. Fast beat fast preset, slow beat slow preset (but keeping in mind that Star Forge / Nova is geared fast so it will not be as conforming to slower songs than faster songs), song A - part A ≈ form A-A, song A - part B ≈ Form A-B, song B - part A ≈ form B-A, etc. As far as I know, few other presets, if not none in the degree that Star Nova does - no matter how visually appealing - really changes its form to the speed of the beat, prominence of the beat, levels of bass, mids, and treble, transients, and maybe a couple of other sonic characteristics that I don't have in my vocabulary so can't really vouch Star Nova for.

Milkdrop has plenty of visually-appealing, mind-bending, drug-tripping presets, but ever since I discovered milkdrop probably back in 2006, I was drawn to the presets that went with the music. As time passed on, I became disenchanted by the relative simplicity and relative duplicity across presets when it came to "going with the music." I felt that milkdrop was missing, at least for the most part but I wouldn't say entirely, presets with more than basic beat detection - presets with musicality - something dynamic to keep one coming back for more and more to keep a preset entertaining for more than the first few viewings. Some time during the development of Star Forge, I think I realized a truth - that presets, no matter how well done, were meant to be played for 30 seconds at a time as in the default settings of milkdrop, and my own preset I was developing would be no different by some physical law of milkdrop. (Yes, I found myself enjoying at least a few presets for their reaction to the music for well beyond 30 seconds, but maybe that was just my autistic self's attention to detail.) Maybe for most people this translated presets being a fad for 30 seconds at a time into milkdrop and winamp itself being a fad for a few years. Intensely euphoric but for only a brief period of time, diminishing in each repetition.

I don't know, I wasn't around for the golden years and the decline of the winamp community. I can only wish that Star Nova, as I wished for Star Forge, to follow its design principle as intended to be entertaining for more than 30 seconds at a time - more than a fad - that is, if it ever got well-done enough to be considered a fad in the first place. It wasn't a fad for me, but very obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even Star Forge vPub was at one time that way for me, and the same for the other prior versions of Star Forge and Star Nova. But I wonder if that was the case only because of an inherent pseudo-narcissism of staring at the reflection of my mind's eye made reality in milkdrop. My raisons d'etre for my work is that I really, earnestly do hope that I've contributed something timeless to the milkdrop community. This would truly be a sense of accomplishment for me and a source now of humble pride. But no longer will I feel a sense of chagrin because I've had to work ten times as hard for a hundred times less product because of my lack of skill and probable mental impairment from schizoaffective disorder. I created a preset that has matured with time into its present state, I have thoroughly enjoyed it through its development, and a few others in person, mostly family members, have also thoroughly enjoyed it even while comparing it to other well-done presets. I have other, much richer avenues of devoting my time, doing what I'm good at, and finding life's purpose. No - I'm not ranting at all, throwing a fit and quitting winamp / milkdrop lol - I'm just saying there are some things people are good at and not others, and being a prolific preset author will never happen for me and that's fine .

Tl;dr - But I've rambled enough. Really, it was fun writing all that. I felt I've had difficulty putting into words why I've worked on basically just a single preset for over a year and a half. Simple: I enjoyed it. Like no other preset author has, I put my imagination and determination into basically a single preset - quality over quantity effort to the extreme (and I'm not sure about the quality part was inversely proportional to the quantity ). I probably easily hold the title for making a preset that spent the longest time in development . So there .

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .
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