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Greetings again all. So it has been about 10 days and I've only come up with one edit, one that hasn't been done in a while - an edit to the custom wave for the center circle of the preset. Its now more reactive to the beat and a bit more active overall, but I think its a bit more permitting of patterns to form in the very center.

v5c may be the apotheosis of Star Nova. I'm thoroughly happy with how it is now. It is what it is and this is all it will ever be. It doesn't seem to have any glaring flaws in operation or appearance that need development or polishing. It's finally the preset I have intended it to be , its "Good 'nuff" . (v5b was *very* close, in truth v5c is only slightly different). Cheers and enjoy!

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .

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