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Originally Posted by TimbreWolf View Post
I've just got it working on .opus files now and much appreciated. It doesn't appear to work with either .ogg or .webm containers
That's not exactly true: it DOES read Opus from Ogg Containers, because that is what .opus files technically are!

Yes, they also can have an .OGG file extension, but the problem is that this extension is "grabbed" by the Ogg/Vorbis input plugin! So either the Vorbis input plugin should be changed to pass through non-Vorbis Ogg files to the Opus plugin, or the other way round.

Regarding the WebM container: that's right, the plugin can't handle this currently, but Opus in WebM is a streaming-only and/or Google/Chrome-only thing, isn't it? I'm not really sure whether support for this is important to the masses...

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(PS: Will test the new version in a few days...)
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