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I found the crash in my plugin, I wasn't checking the return handle from the libopus library's file handling API and was trying to execute libopus API commands on a non-existent file handle: oops. After fixing that I was able to see libopus returning an error code on the call to open the file: -139. In the opusfile headers that code is defined as "/**The first or last granule position of a link failed basic validity checks.*/
#define OP_EBADTIMESTAMP (-139)"

When I saw that I ran the command line Opus tools "opusinfo.exe" and it gave me this:
C:\My Documents\WinampOpus\opus-tools-0.1.8-win32>opusinfo "Muscle and Marrow - Black Hole-y1dsFoB8JFk.opus"
Processing file "Muscle and Marrow - Black Hole-y1dsFoB8JFk.opus"...

New logical stream (#1, serial: 1fe6feaa): type opus
Encoded with Lavf57.48.101
User comments section follows...
WARNING: Samples with negative granpos in stream 1
WARNING: Invalid zero byte packet in stream 1
Opus stream 1:
WARNING: stream 1 has more than one packet of end trimming
Pre-skip: 312
Playback gain: 0 dB
Channels: 2
Original sample rate: 48000Hz
Packet duration: 20.0ms (max), 20.0ms (avg), 20.0ms (min)
Page duration: 580.0ms (max), 271.1ms (avg), 0.0ms (min)
Total data length: 4598702 bytes (overhead: 1.27%)
Playback length: 4m:51.713s
Average bitrate: 126.1 kb/s, w/o overhead: 124.5 kb/s
Logical stream 1 ended

C:\My Documents\WinampOpus\opus-tools-0.1.8-win32>

There is something wrong with the file but it shouldn't be causing Opus libraries to choke completely. It might be because VLC is not using the latest libraries which might be less fault tolerant (on purpose).
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