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WinAmp Agent & Associations

In order to get the desired behavior from WinAMP when opening associated files, I had to add a /class statement to each file association (at least the assoc that I found). As you can imagine, that’s a real pain. Worse however is I fully expect WMP to take over the file assoc at its first chance. WinAMPA.exe, of course, can re-associate the files, but it won’t (afaik) add the necessary /class statement.

So, I was thinking about writing a vbscript or VB6 app that frequently searches the registry for the string “c:\program files\winamp.exe” and, if the /class statement isn’t there, replace the string to include the class statement. (I have a COM object that can do the reg search/replace).

However, rather than simple search & replace, it seems that there may be a more definitive method to find & replace the associations. Before/If I get started, can some one explain to me how winamp knows what files to associate and what key(s) the association needs to be made in? Or, where I can find this info?
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