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Ohh, I don't look in there for bug reports. I look in the Bug Reports forum.
The only bug we knew about was the crash on sync/transfer,
not anything about a crash/hang when creating a new playlist.

I'm assuming here that your firmware must be 2.x, and therefore the Zen is PlaysForSure compatible and is using the pmp_p4s interface, because my Zen still has 1.x firmware using pmp_njb interface, and I can't reproduce the problem.

The easiest way to confirm is to disable pmp_p4s.dll and then see if your zen is still recognised. If no, then the firmware is 2.x. If yes, then the firmware is 1.x


With Winamp closed, open winamp.ini in Notepad

Locate the following line under the [Winamp] section


Is it set to video_gdiplus=0 or video_gdiplus=1 ???

1 = enabled // uses GDI+ renderer

0 = disabled (uses Hardware Overlay or DirectDraw method instead, depending on settings in Winamp > Prefs > Video)

Change it to the opposite of whatever yours is currently set to.

Save winamp.ini with your changes then restart Winamp.
Let us know if there's any difference.

Note: under Vista, winamp.ini will be found via:

You can type %appdata%\winamp into the Explorer address bar and hit Enter
and it should resolve to one of:


I can't reproduce that. Anyone else?
Is 'always on top' enabled for Winamp?
Is 'always on top' enabled for that other program you've got running, or for any other programs?


Oops. Yup, I can confirm that CD Playback is totally borked under Win98.
The only way I can get a CD to play is via:
The Add/Open Folder or File method, and browsing to the CD Drive.
CDDB doesn't work whatsoever.
The Rip & Burn view in the ML never detects the CD (says 'No CD')
Main Menu > Play > Audio CD doesn't work (just clears the playlist).

Hopefully this can be addressed and fixed - assuming we still even support Win9x.

In the meantime, you can use in_cdda.dll from Winamp 5.34 | mirror

Note, I'm not sure if it only behaves this way if the Sonic Engine isn't installed.
I don't have a CD burner on this old text Win9x machine, so I keep Sonic Ripping/Burning Engine unchecked in the Installer Options.
Please could you confirm whether you installed Sonic or not?
(though, as far as I know, Sonic/Burning is also broken under Win9x too).

It's basically not looking too good for Win9x users.
Alas, official support for Win9x is as good as over. Sorry.

The only issue I can reproduce under WinXP is if the CD is playing and you're in, say, the Rip & Burn view in the ML, and then switch to another view with a lot of data, eg. a large stored playlist or the Local Media > Audio view, then there's a slight glitch in playback whilst the new view is loading.
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