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Quinto Black CT - New Winamp Modern skin

By Peter's request, I'm posting this as a sneak peak of his upcoming skin:

Hello Community!

Exactly one year ago I asked Victor to post a short article about my Modern Skin Quinto Black. He did it and I was very happy to share my work with you.

Today I am very excited to present another update of my Modern Skin Quinto but this time on my own.

Here it is:
Quinto Black CT.

But before I start I would like to say THANK YOU to Victor for pointing out to all those "weird-looking" bitmap files and to martin.deimos for his very useful coding tips.

Now let me guide you through all the new, exiting features which I implemented in this version.

Without any doubt, the bitmap files - and I mean all of them - got improved. I spent months changing, altering and trying new colors, gradients and alpha values. And I must admit, I am very pleased with the end product of my efforts. Are you?

The Playlist Editor was the biggest challenge and made an enormous transformation journey from Just-Frame in Quinto, through Just-Frame-with-Buttons in Quinto Black - into fully equipped container window, which easily can replace the Main Player now.

Once Quinto Black CT is installed, you will find the Playlist Editor in its "native" look showing pure simplicity in its appearance. If you like it this way - keep it. But there is more!

You will notice a vertical divider which, once moved to the left, shows the album cover of the current playing song...

And if you resize the window, a SWITCH button will appear. And this is the point where it gets interesting...

One click on the SWITCH button and a brand new PLAYBACK area is loaded! In here you will find additional:

- progress bar
- volume bar
- playback buttons
- eject button
- mute button
- two displays
- and two LED lights which indicate whether a click was made on Main Player's REPEAT or SHUTTLE button.

And if this was not enough I added FILE INFO area which can be toggled by clicking on the FILE INFO button. (I have to make a short remark regarding the labels in this area though. Not all of them are translated (Winamp related issue) so I decided to keep all of them in English. In case you insist upon having them in your native language, open the player-groups.xml, find the translate="0" commands and change them into translate="1").

The FILE INFO area changes its looks into this once a stream is loaded:

And since I found it very handy to have this PLAYBACK area in the Playlist Editor container window I also implemented this in Video and Visualizer container. You will never ever again have to switch between Video and Main Player in order to pause a video or start a new one. Now this is handy, is it not?

Video container window:

Visualizer container window:

Color Themes have their own window which as well provides a SWITCH button. Now you have the choice: Just-Frame or Frame-with-Buttons?

While adding Color Themes to the skin it was not my intention to make Quinto looking too "candy-like". So I decided that just a minor amount of bitmaps change their color after a Color Theme was chosen:

And for all of you who are Equalizer fans I have just THE THING! Not only you can switch the Equalizer on and off, where all sliders "jump" automatically into "0 dB" position, no, you also have an additional display on top of that, which shows values of every single equalizer band and preamp!

And while listening to your favorite songs you can click on the timer on Main Player which shows then the remaining time. Please remember: You cannot toggle this option by clicking on the additional display on Playlist Editor, Video or Visualizer. And during a stream this option is disabled.

I really hope you will find the new update not only good looking on your desktop but also useful. The download link will come soon...

Stay tuned...


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