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Okay, I admit, I hate Spotify, because I see Spotify as insult to my virtual diamond, my all-in-one-tool, more than once on my computer, and I must defend my diamonds, where I put all my pure love...
Without Spotify I have no problems to login with Facebook. Other people at Facebook have complained about problems because they have Spotify as a Facebook App. Other Facebook Apps don't cause problems, and I'm using the most important Facebook Apps. I'm in very much platforms, as artist and listener, all my favourites and playlists there are public, and mostly they can be played also without logins.
Spotify has to bring back the possibility to register with an e-mail-account, Spotify also should have a better support. And it's very important, Spotify finally needs to have also a Website Player, where also pre-listenings without login can be played. Deezer has a Website Player, and I can play pre-listenings there, before I login with Deezer. Simfy has both, a Website Player and a Desktop Player, but no possibility to play pre-listenings, and I have to login with Simfy, before I can see my favourites and playlists there.
exfm has a Website Player, that's very good. In Google Chrome the add-on of exfm is still working (in Mozilla Firefox currently not anymore). Pre-listenings can be done on Discogs with exfm. Or I can have 2 or more tabs open, after my logins, exfm and SoundCloud, etc. But the music can be played in exfm also without login.
For an integration of Spotify in Winamp a Website Player is necessary for that website. exfm could be added as Online Service successfully. But I see no possibility for an integration of Spotify in Winamp, if Spotify doesn't have finally a Website Player and the possibility for pre-listenings without login. At first Spotify has to work on these problems, before the developement team of Winamp can work on an integration. Sorry, but I see no other way...
If Spotify will finally change the requirements and add everything, what I want here, then maybe I can change my opinions about Spotify some day...
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