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I didn't want to say, Spotify would be a virus. There are much other apps, which are more extreme, and not each app can be removed easily. I've seen apps, which got out of control, links appeared everywhere. Then it's better not to click something.
On the Facebook-Page many user had complained about many things. For example, some people wanted to cancel Spotify Premium, but the payment didn't finish after the cancelling, and their money continued to go to Spotify.
Finally an e-mail-account is possible again, but I refused to install Spotify and I didn't add Spotify to Facebook. I'm waiting for the website player of Spotify. I don't want to play my own files with Spotify, never.
I'm using other apps for the auto-postings of plays, favouritings, followings etc. to Facebook: YouTube, MyVideo, MySpace, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, ReverbNation, Simfy, Deezer,, Twitter, FriendFeed, MixPod, SoundClick, Ustream etc. But mostly my playlists can be used also offline and also without the auto-postings to Facebook (not everybody likes that)...
But I don't think also now, Spotify could be integrated in Winamp, and I myself would never recommend that. It wouldn't be so good...
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