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I think, the people (I myself don't belong to them), who have posted at first here, want exactly this integration or directly a plugin. But I myself am still very sceptic, because Spotify stays still close for people without an account. I don't know, if the web-based player will make an integration easier. A final release is planned for 2013. I'm very glad, that I'm finally able to create playlists without a desktop-software...
I myself don't need this integration and I also don't need such a plugin. I'm playing the music in the many platforms themselves, mostly in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and the URL "linein://" does the job for me very good...
PS, I still think, it's better not to connect the accounts in Spotify and Facebook, because a disconnection isn't possible anymore, but there are no problems to connect and disconnect Facebook and another platform...
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