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Queue stuck on Track 1. AVS blank

Hi, an early thank you to anyone who can help.

First, the queue on my fresh 5.61 install has a real issue.
Lets say I select Michal Jackson-bad as Queue #1. Justin Beber as Queue #2. No matter if another song is playing or if I am playing MJ-BAD currently, when the song is over it will keep repeating MJ-BAD non-stop, EVEN if i press next!

Second, AVS just plays a blank screen. I try selecting different visualizations to no avail. Sometimes a couple random picks will actually work, but very few of them. And something is still wrong AVS because if I go full screen then go back to windowed (docked or small window) it stops playing again. VGA card is ati 5450.

3rd quick Question: how can i totally erase any trace of winamp to a 100% clean install? A regular uninstall doesnt do it.
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