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vertical volume bar

This is for you if you prefer a vertical volume bar. Read my previous post if you prefer a horizontal volume bar.
  1. The hidden.thumb image is the same but player.anim.volume and are rotated 90° counterclockwise:
    PHP Code:
    <bitmap id="player.anim.volume" file="player/vertical-chameleon.png"/>
    bitmap id="" file="player/vertical-volmap.png"/>
    bitmap id="hidden.thumb" file="player/hiddenthumb.png"/> 
  2. The w and h values are swapped and the Slider has an orientation parameter:
    PHP Code:
    ="VolumeAnim" image="player.anim.volume"
    x="0" y="0" w="5" h="107" move="0" tooltip="Volume"
    autoplay="0" autoreplay="0"
    x="0" y="0" w="5" h="107"
    thumb="hidden.thumb" downThumb="hidden.thumb"
    script id="justvolume" file="scripts/justvolume.maki"/> 
  3. Copy the attached png's into the Player folder.
  4. Copy the fixed justvolume.m and the fixed justvolume.maki into the scripts folder.

Bonus. If you want to display the volume level with numbers next to the volume bar, this is how you can do it:
  • Add these tags after the volume bar tags:
    PHP Code:
    x="10" y="45" w="40" h="16" align="right"
    fontsize="16" color="255,255,255"
    script id="volpercentage" file="scripts/volpercentage.maki"/> 
  • Copy volpercentage.m and volpercentage.maki into the scripts folder.
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